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Our Purpose
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Organization Purpose

The purpose of this organization depends upon the collective purpose of its separate members. When you begin to peer into yourself and check all of those bad habits and negative thought patterns that have slowly drained your life of energy, you may find that your purpose has changed. Our purpose is to give you the tools to transform your life and discipline you to use them, but how you choose to take that action is ultimately up to you.

Personal Testimony

Bro. Christopher DeWayne Strickland, 32*, was born and raised in rural southeast Oklahoma, near the borders of Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Being an only child, he had a well-rounded aim at different roles and basically settled with the shy, "loner" mentality and lost himself in books at an early age. At 8 years old he began to realize that "fear" was the base foundation of almost everyone around him. It predicted behavior in the church, at school, at home, at work, at play, and determined the flow of money in all kinds of directions. At a very early time in his life, he wondered why the preacher would shout and sweat and turn red with anger until they passed these plates around and everyone shook all of their pockets out to give what they had, and then the preacher would calm down and begin to speak in a softer tone, as if the money had a power in and of itself. Those "powers" slowly took over his life in the same way he witnessed it manipulate those brethren of the church when he was a boy. By the time he was 15, he found himself upstate in an institution for teenagers with chemical dependency problems. At 16 he got a DUI. It was around this time that Doctors decided to cash in on the deal and take as much money as they could for all sorts of long winded words they called disorders and complexes. At 19 years old he was admitted to Carl Albert State Mental Hospital in McAlester, only to be doped up more and released to his parents. A cycle of binge-drinking and short stints of sobriety took over the rest of his life until a culminating weeklong drinking episode ended in tragedy. On February 9th, 2003, in Waxahachie, Texas, he died from alcohol poisoning. He was resuscitated, and eventually fully recovered physically, but spiritually he was about to undergo a dramatic metamorphosis. What actually happened that night in Texas has never been told up to this day and is still being investigated by Christopher. He was blessed with a vision, a very short amount of "channeled" information that has not been made public, and a new found spiritual health. In one of his sober moments before this incident, he had joined a couple of organizations that were known for making good men better. It was this meeting of the minds through these organizations, and a deeper understanding of himself and relationship with his "Holy Guardian Angel" that brought him into a light he had never partaken of. Amidst all the previous attempts and utter failures to remain a sober and productive citizen, Christopher has not drank or used drugs in almost two years since that pivotal moment in 2003. It is my belief that Raja-Yoga, Esoteric Freemasonry, Tarot Meditation, and the Holy Qabalah (along with what I believe to be a genuine vision from almighty GOD) led him out of the darkness and into a pure, gleaming state of perception unlike any other he has ever known. For too long, no one has known what this man has done for me, and what I believe he can do for others. It's a very sad time for humanity and I think the path to freedom of thought, transcendence of our dark passions, and basic enlightenment about who we are and what we are capable of will be and should be led by a man of this caliber. After withstanding my torturous nagging he has finally agreed to share what he has with others on a grander scale and I hope to GOD that people will listen to his message.

With love, in L.V.X.,

A loyal disciple, Bro. Herman Hughes
-December 21st, 2004 Winter Solstice

Christopher DeWayne Strickland, 32*
P.O. BOX 636
Valliant, OK 74764