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Bro. Christopher DeWayne Strickland, 32*

If you have found your way to this website, there is a grand adventure prepared for you. Thousands of seemingly unimportant, superficial acts led up to the present moment. This indicates a critical threshhold has materialized in your life and you are in for a dramatic spiritual change. Whether this change is positive or negative is totally up to you! Stay tuned, as we are still under construction...

Homeostasis: Humans seek balance in their lives. When things are out of order or imbalanced, it tends to cause problems. This is true particularly with regard to our internal state or well-being. Homeostasis refers to this tendency to maintain a balanced or constant internal state that is optimal for functioning. An organism in homeostasis adapts to changed environmental conditions by adjusting its own internal state.

An ancient symbol of balance and modern symbol of health.

Donations and dues will be accepted in the form of a Postal money Order ONLY. Make it out to:

Christopher DeWayne Strickland, 32*
P.O. BOX 636
Valliant, OK 74764